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The Melanesian children - naturally blonde hair & dark skin

This is so fascinating and not because of the fact that there are people who are of dark complexions that have natural blond hair but of the science/genetics involved in it.

This article explains as to why these people have such traits and why it isn’t inherited from Europeans, as many would assume. 

So what is Lewis & Clark Month?



Back in mid-July of 2012, I was about to go on a vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains (specifically to Wintergreen, where my family was involved with the Summer Music Festival). While shopping for last minute things at the nearest mall, I bought a book to read on the trip—Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose. Why? It wasn’t completely out of the ordinary for me, as I do like buying history books, and for the past few years I have been focusing more on American history. But the Lewis & Clark expedition wasn’t a subject that had really caught my interest before.


Uh, that changed quickly. >_>

Immediately after returning from my vacation, I started looking up more books for reference. I also began drawing, and forewarned my deviantART followers:

I think I need to declare August “Lewis & Clark Month”, because odds are you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of this sort of stuff from me ^_^;;


Lewis & Clark Month was born. It was basically a creative outlet for everything I was reading at the time; I’d find something that intrigued me (a quote, a scenario, one aspect of Lewis or Clark’s personalities or another, etc.), doodle it and paraphrase what I had learned. I had fun and people seemed to like learning about it, so…win-win!


Realizing that I had declared “August” as Lewis & Clark Month (and not just “this August”), I decided to make it an annual celebration. And that’s really what it is: a month-long, completely geeky celebration of the Corps of Discovery, but especially of Lewis and Clark themselves.


This year, you’re welcome to join me by sharing Lewis & Clark appreciation posts here on tumblr! (I’ll be tagging everything as, surprise surprise, “Lewis & Clark Month”; whether it’s art or photos or anecdotes or what have you, participation would be awesome.) I MAY take prompts, but I already have quite a few things in mind to draw and muse about this month, I can’t make promises there. >_> I’m not just doodling this year, either! (well, that’s the plan, anyway, heh)

*glances at playlist*

So, uh…there you go! :D IT STARTS TOMORROW! I will still post other projects during the month of August, but it will be MOSTLY Lewis & Clark, so if you find yourself inexpressibly disinterested in the subject, just ignore me or Tumblr Savior the tag~

Happy trails!


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