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Spider, AKA Mene, as Rosy names her.

Yes, she’s a Drider.

Yes, she’s chubby. She’s not quite 5 feet tall and she’s young, so she’s still got baby  fat.

Nope, she’s not some kind of slick, elegant spider. She’s a fuzzball jumping spider. And she LIKES it that way, thanks.

She’s also a rather cute little abomination, and isn’t a hateful thing like so many Driders are. She LIKES being a Drider, she’s FUZZY!

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  1. theglyphscrawls said: Eeee she’s adorable. XD
  2. lazy-bones-the-dragon said: The one spider based creature I wouldn’t try to squash on sight. XD
  3. wistsandmagic posted this
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